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100Dayloans are a great intermediate lender who give the customer control by letting you choose when you repay- you can borrow cash and choose up to 100 days- that’s 3 months and more- before your loan is called in.

They will often help you where many lenders won’t, and have terms for every customer although their APRs do increase somewhat if your credit history is terrible. If you have no other options then they are a safe bet, but not one you should make a habit of. Be sure to repay your loan in full, and you’ll benefit from an improved credit score- over time this will make you a better prospect for other lenders and you’ll be able to enjoy low cost borrowing once again.

It might not seem like bad debt is a huge problem- but it can be when you want to get serious about your future. Borrow with 100 Day Loans, and take the chance they give you to rebuild your reputation. You’ll benefit by saving hundreds when and if you borrow larger sums of money- those few points of APR make a lot of difference when it comes to sums of $3000 and above.

Not 100% happy with the terms this lender has to offer? If you can get by with a loan of $1000 or less, OneClickLoan might be a better fit!

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