5 Foolproof Ideas to Write Crowdfunding Press Release & Exceed Your Target Funding

When you have a crowdfunding campaign, you should write a press release to ensure that you reach your target funding. A crowdfunding release helps your campaign to succeed when you reach backers who are willing to support your project.

There are various ways you can write a release for your crowdfunding campaign. Check out the 5 ideas that you can try for a start, or you can visit here https://www.newswire.com/features/distribution – best press release distribution services 2018 for more information.

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  1. Write your story.

Investors, backers and supporters are more inspired to help campaigns that have a story. Don’t forget the fact that people love stories. A story makes them want to connect.

When you want to gain more supporters for your project, write your story. When you share your real experience, or what pushed you to come up with the campaign, people understand better why they should help.

Take for instance the story of the Baubax travel jacket that raised a total of $11M from Kickstarter ($9.2M) and Indiegogo ($2.3M) against its target of $20,000. The founders from India named Hiral Sanghavi and Yoganshi Shah, who are frequent travelers initially faced the problem of catching sleep while traveling.

In order to solve this issue, they designed a jacket with a built-in neck pillow. From there, they added more features like a waterproof pocket for a phone, a pocket for a passport, a sleeping mask, for an iPad, a combination pen and stylus, retractable hand warmers and more. Since many people can relate to these problems and are looking for solutions, many people supported their project that led to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Tell your audience the benefits.

Your story will sell if people can see that they can benefit from it. In the example above, the couple has come up with the right product that can help travelers, facing the same issues.

When you write your release, include all the benefits that readers can get from your product. The Baubax travel jacket is like a total solution to the main issues that travelers encounter during traveling.

People are attracted to support the Baubax jacket because they can see that it is very useful. Backers know that when they support the project, it can help many travelers.

  1. Write updates about the funding.

Another method to ring the attention of the supporters is to write a release when your campaign is already picking up. Are you almost reaching your target fund?

It’s a perfect time to get the attention of the press. When your story is picked up, it reaches more people who can donate to your project. They will be encouraged to donate funds because they can clearly see that many people are donating.

It’s a sign that they trust your goal, and they’re willing to support your project. If your target is $50,000 and your current status is $45,000, write a release to get as many backers as possible.

  1. Highlight the rewards.

One way to write a release with your crowdfunding campaign is to highlight the rewards that donors, backers or supporters will get. In the Baubax campaign in Kickstarter, the founders offered donors a vest, a sweatshirt or a windbreaker if they pledged $119 or more. If they donated $129 or more, they can get a bomber jacket.

When thinking of giving something to your supporters, make sure that it is something valuable for them. The reward should encourage them to give more. Although not all supporters are after the rewards, you have to make sure that you are offering valuable rewards.

  1. Write a press release about how your product can solve a problem.

Still using the same example above, highlighting the benefits of the Baubax travel jacket is one way you can present your release. When people see that your product is useful and important to people’s lives, you can garner more supporters who are ready to give funding for the campaign.

If you have a crowdfunding campaign, apply one of these ideas to write a release. Don’t forget to offer a unique angle to your story.

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